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IBDP Coordinator and teacher of English on four continents.

For a look at my full CV/Resume, please click here: Jim Wild CV

Being an educator is the best job in the world, and I continually strive to be a better one. Teaching is about empathy, improvement and communication. As a student and teacher, these things are central to how I work, think and learn.

I put this blog together of mostly other people’s articles to share what I consider to be the best in educational practice. I hope those authors I’ve shared don’t mind, and I hope I’ve helped, if even just a tiny bit, to spread great ideas just a bit further.



“He takes out the best of the people surrounding him and gives them value, credit and trust. For me, as guidance counsellor, building up students’ self-esteem is one of the most valuable jobs a teacher can do, if not the most important. Jim always demonstrated an innate and deeply rooted capacity to put himself in the place of the other person. His significant degree of empathy with the students resulted in admiration and gratitude from them and thus their parents. To summarise what I think of Jim in a nutshell, I can say that he is noble, intelligent, dedicated, with clear and firm character and thinking, passionate and compassionate. One of the best people I’ve had opportunity to know through my work”

Monica Moscoso, School Counsellor – British School, Quito

“A great teacher who clearly has the gift of versatility and can teach theatre, media, English and most importantly the art of life… he has been one of the most remarkable teachers I have had, particularly because he has been a great source of inspiration to try harder and see the world with different eyes.”

Magaly Ramos, former student – British School, Quito

“Having lived in three different countries, and gone to three different schools, forgetting is quite easy. Friends, teachers, people you once thought would touch your life. However, there is one teacher who has marked my school life and I always bring up in conversation as one of the most remarkable professors I’ve had; Jim Wild.

“I consider that teaching others to read is the best skill a teacher can have, because the English language revolves around it’s literature; as Jim taught us, “You will never learn to write, if you do not read”, which I can now confirm is true.

“I wish there were more teachers like Mr Wild, as he is dynamic in his lessons and more than anything uses creativity to help us learn the most conventional of things.”

Priscilla Hannaford – former student, British School, Quito

“He’s one of the few teachers who I can honestly say had a lasting impact on my education and life as a whole. Jim…was always somebody that knew how to motivate a class and capture its imagination and I remember on many occasions, myself and friends used to leave his lessons wishing he was our teacher for the next. He has a great sense of humour and is somebody I’m sure many more students can relate to, just as I did.”

James Caine – former student, Oakbank School

“As a classroom teacher Jim was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and I would often observe his class working on exciting projects, expanding their learning from the interactive whiteboard, to their workbooks, in fact every square inch of wall space was used to explore their ideas – even the ceiling had student’s work displayed!

“Jim’s key strength – the relationship he has with students. The students love Jim. They appreciate his honesty, his humour, but above all they know how much he cares about them and about their education.”

Andrew Tomlinson – Head of Department, Bishop Mackenzie International School


One thought on “About Me

  1. I had Mr.Wild as a media studies teacher for my IB years. He helped me and classmates understand the course in a natural way even though english was not our mother language. He manages to make each class unique by providing us with additional work to stimulate crítical thinking!!

    English class had a different meaning after that…. Great mentor.

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