RE lessons with less religion

An article in today’s Guardian. As an atheist, I’m a strong advocate of this. While I agree that religion has no place in the primary curriculum, because it’s too complex and too important to be simplified, I think that in a world shaped by religious beliefs and conflict it’s vital that people are educated about both the religions in their own communities and the beliefs of others. Understanding religious history and the basis of people’s ethics and values is fundamental to understanding the world we live in and the human condition. People who aren’t religious need to understand people who are, and people who are need to understand why they believe what they believe, where it all comes from and what the implications are. And while an IB school might get into some of this stuff, particularly in TOK, too many people see RE as indoctrination to want to go near it, and too many people and schools are worried that challenging and debating belief is offensive. 


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