Helping Students Develop Purpose

Put the Awe Back in “Awesome” — Helping Students Develop Purpose | Edutopia.

This is a good an often neglected point. I was at an MUN conference in Nairobi and a guest speaker, a Kenyan photographer, gave a truly inspiring speech about finding one’s purpose. Using photos he had taken of Kenyan political rioting and massacre, he had toured the country, in an attempt to open people’s eyes to the reality and brutality of what had happened, and to try to ensure that it never happened again. The basic thrust of his message to us was this: find what you’re good at, what you can do; then find how that can be used to make the world (or you world) a better place for everyone. It gave me, the cynical middle-aged teacher, a sense of purpose I’d been lacking. I can only imagine what effect it will have had on the hundreds of teenagers present.


One thought on “Helping Students Develop Purpose

  1. Finding what we are good at, what we can do, and then using that is also the basic recipe for student empowerment – and thus to deeper learning and intrinsic learning motivation.

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